What to wear to the office holiday party

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

We all know the difference between business wear and party attire. The business/ professional look is more clean-cut, very conservative clothing, non-distracting. For the latter, it is all about putting your best, bold foot forward and knowing your look will turn heads. Now that office holiday parties are around the corner, we must combine the two! But don’t fret, when it comes to combining these two styles it is about having fun and not overthinking it.


It's as simple as taking that eye-catching blazer, show-stopping heels, that silky dress, and showing up and showing out! Take key aspects from both styles and create a stunning look. Pair those patterns with solids, shiny fabrics with matte, or add some dazzle with the sequins skirt that is sitting in the back of your closet, and be bold. You and your co-workers are accustomed to the boring kitten heels and navy-blue pant suits, this is your time to shine, sis! The holidays are stressful enough with long mall lines and trying to catch as many sales as you can without going over budget. Set yourself free and have fun with your look, it can be whatever you (and, Jan from HR) says it can be! Pssst ! check online retailers like Shein for affordable eye- catching fashion. Also, take a look at Amazon and take advantage of Prime to get similar stylish looks for a reasonable price and just in time for your office party!


Be Inspired by these fabulous looks for your next holiday party!

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