Titus Showers “The Love of a Father”

A bright smile, warm heart, swag and humble spirit is how we would describe this awesome man a God. One who fears the Lord, understands the importance of leadership, community and family connection. Coming from a large family rooted in faith and a love for God’s people this humble servant of God defines what it means to walk by faith and not by sight.

After experiencing tragedy, he and his family found themselves trying to put the pieces back together and finding a fresh start. Knowing the voice of God and walking in obedience it not only blessed the people of God through song but changed the trajectory of this man’s life. With one act of obedience God has allowed the windows of heaven to open up and pour out blessings he does not have room enough to receive.

Titus showers the son of a preacher and brother to nine siblings, yes you read that right, is no stranger to the music industry. As he and his siblings were once a group ‘The Showers.’ As with other successful gospel families in the industry Titus received the blessing of his siblings to pursue a solo career that would turn to be just a fruitful as when they were signing together as a family. Listen to what he has to say about family, service and knowing that all things are working together for his good.

Today, we have Titus Showers here. He is an amazing artist; I am just ready to dive right into this conversation. I guess what we are going to start it off from the beginning. Titus we here that you have a huge family, how and what is it like to have a family of how many siblings, 10 siblings? Where did you fit in Titus?

I fit in number five, everybody’s favorite and definitely it’s a blessing. You guys remember that I am everybody’s favorite, number five. God indeed has blessed us; in the beginning you know it wasn’t so much fun with people laughing and talking about you but at the end of the day man we loved on each other and it was always fun but just the teasing made it not fun. But God just continued to bless us andloved on each other and man we never had a dull moment around the house and even in our school activities we were always there to support each other, it was indeed a blessing.

That’s awesome, now we heard you guys use to all sing together right. So, what was that like singing together as a family? Cause normally when you work with your family it like when do I get a break, right. So, what was that like for you growing up and then going into the industry together?

Man, it was a blessing it was a dream come true because we had such other pioneers and gospel families you know before us like the Winans and the Hawkins family and different other families that path the way for us to come in. You had the Walls Group of recent years and definitely man we just practiced together at all times. We had this cohesiveness; where our harmony was together, and we knew what to do when somebody else was lack. We knew how to pick up the slack because you know and literally would sing around the house and in church together every Sunday and doing the week. Even on school buses and at school where two and three in the showers because we were at school together to sing together and it was just a blessing. I thank God for the chemistry and the relationship of the family dynamic man it was a blessing.

Now, your dad is a Pastor did you guys all sing in the choir at your dad’s church like how was that?

Absolutely, we started at the church as my dad Pastored. He’s been a Pastor for over forty years and that’s how we started in the church and definitely man the Lord kept blessing us with the talent. My dad asked the Lord initially to bless him with one singer, so that meant he and mom didn’t plan to have ten of us, but they kept on being fruitful and multiplying. And the talent kept coming and God kept blessing and we formed this amazing group and we would sing here in Louisiana and other states before my father would preach. And there you have it, that’s how we got our start.

How has your relationship with your father influenced your relationship with your children?

My relationship with my father has influenced my relationship with my childrentremendously. My father not only told me how to be a father, but he led by example. I try to instill the same values my father taught me to my children. Though times are different I must teach my children how to be grateful. My father taught his children that life isn’t about wants it’s about the needs. We as parents these days give our children what they want whether they’ve earned it or not! I must teach my children that things are earned and that makes them value and appreciate things all the more.

That is a beautiful thing! I heard you mention having the examples of the different families that came before you like the Winans and different artists that were cultivated within their family lifestyle. So, what other thing did you take from that keeping your family dynamic together and maneuvering in the industry?

It’s definitely key, even on the road and in the industry to have that shoulder you can lean on. I must accredit my sister for learning the business and when we released those two national projects that were Stellar nominated and Dove award considered and Grammy considered as well. It’s all because my big sister learning the business and all of my sisters and brothers, we were all on the same page. And in the industry, we robbed shoulders with the great families and the great, great artist that we only dreamed of being in the room with and that family dynamic played a huge role. It wasn’t any animosity over here with my family when I went solo, I must let you guys know that. There are no disc records coming, there’s no movies coming of any feuds that transpired. Once the Lord allowed me to go solo, they were behind me one hundred percent. I must let you know that my sisters are business owners, my brothers are business owners, and I work for my family and that keeps me flexible in allowing me to do what I love to do with the music.

The song is amazing, I love the song. I love how you took it and I guess like the say “remixed” it. I love tempo, I love the rhythm and you can definitely feel the presence of God in the song. I know you said it inspired because your parents’ house burned down where you guys grew up, talk a little bit more about that.

Absolutely, my whole album was written after that tragic experience. My father and mother lost their dream home to a tragic fire in 2017 and the Lord just kept waking me up in the middle of the night in the midst of all that was going on and He reminded me that it’s working for your good. And, that’s a question “Like God how is this working for my good?” You’ve lost all of your possessions, but He says listen it’s working for your good, you just do what you could and watch I make everything alright! And indeed, he was a man of His word and I just wrote down what he gave to me and look what it did. It was number one on Gospel billboards and I had the great feature in mind of getting Jermaine Dolly and the amazing team that worked this record, man God is indeed amazing and I’m just thankful for the blessings that has occurred and this is occurring all because I listened to His voice.

Now, tell us how has it been during COVID? I know you had the album come out and was looking to do some promo and some tours and then COVID-19 happened. Tell us how it has affected you and your family?

Well, COVID has slowed down the travel of all artist but God has continued to bless me in the midst of it all. And I must let every artist out there that wants to be an artist you must serve and stay planted where God has you at. I’m a lead worship at my father’s ministry, I’ve been doing that since I was born. I’ve been singing and been remaining faithful in ministry and I had a Pastor in the midst of it all and I was able to serve there and work there. Before the pandemic hit, I was doing a lot of traveling so I was able to meet a lot of amazing preachers and pastors around the world and I was able to do virtual services for those amazing preachers and God has continued to bless me. I also was called to lead worship at another service here in Louisiana and God continued to bless and I was to work for my family businesses. So, all of the monies I would receive on travels it was able to allow me to not be without in the midst of the pandemic. I was able to be blessed in the midst of it all because I remained faithful to God and He saw fit that He would take good care of me.

The title of the song is “It’s Going to be Alright” …. Titus, do me a favor what’s your favorite line of the song? What would minister to the people and what ministers to you the most?

Absolutely, “it’s working for me good”, period. Because think about that our mindsets in the midst of tragedy, in the midst of circumstances in life we don’t think that things are working for our good. We are thinking about we have more bills than money and we are thinking about how we are going to do this and how we are going to do that, but God says it’s working for your good because you are His child and that’s how I know it’s going to be alright.

What is it like for you as a black father raising your son in this racial climate?

Many times one can be innocent yet their skin color makes them a target. Many times l have conversations with myself! I ask myself “Do I cut his hair? Do I monitor his company and whereabouts? Do I even let him get his license and teach him how to drive? I teach my son to be respectful to all. In doing that respect can be reciprocated. Not all the time are things going to turn out good because you dish good out. I let him know that he still must do what’s right and that eliminates him from being guilty. Whatever is asked of him to do when he encounters law enforcement it’s important that he does what is asked of him. I inform him that if something goes wrong we will handle it once he returns home. The most important thing for him to do is for him to return home to me.

You are right, that is very important that all children make it home to their parents. So, what’s next for Titus?

Oh, man! I failed to respond when you ask what I have been doing in the midst of COVID I’ve been blessed again. I’ve been able to collaborate with other writers and great producers and every Tuesday I’ve been having writing sessions and productions done in the midst of the pandemic. I am excited about what you guys are getting ready to hear. I have new music on the way. I have a new single that is out right now entitled “We Need You.” I promise you it is going to bless your life! I was able to share it with the people of God for the Gospel Presidential Inauguration and I am excited about this record because it speaks to the world and the condition that the world is in. God gave me these words and collaborated me with a wonderful producer Mr. Vaugh Phoenix and Mr. Owen Nixon, they collaborated with me on this great record and I am excited about it I promise you. My entire album has been written and we are in the studio on Thursdays finishing up with my project.

That’s Amazing! I am so excited for you Titus and everything that you have coming up. Can you tell the people how they can find you? What platforms are you played on? What’s your social media, let us know a few handles so our followers can also follow you as well?

Definitely! Listen, what an amazing blessing, occurred to me last Wednesday my verified Instagram account was hacked, and I got it back, I got it back and I am excited! So, you guys can follow me on Instagram @iamtitusshowers, on Facebook you can like my fan page Titus Showers and on Twitter I am @thetitusshowers. And you can see how to get in touch with me, my wonderful manager Apostle Veryl Howard I must give her a shout out. You can definitely stream my music on all digital outlets Titus Showers, just type in my name and you can definitely see my music.

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