FRIENDS....How many of us have them?

Whodini's hit "Friends" not only jams but packs a powerful message. When I was young I would turn this song up loud just to dance but that all changed when I grew up and experienced how some friendships were not friendships at all. Now when I hear the song I'm either jamming it in my car, while working out or cleaning up but no matter where I am listening to it, I am giving loud commentary that includes phrases like... RIGHT!...OKAY!!...YEP! Thats how they do you.....Ummhmmm, Whodini you better say that.....Hmmmm (side eye).

Most of my commentary comes from life's experiences and witnessing how "frenemies" are not friends at all. Now it appears to be an influx of reality shows that maximize on failed friendships, which is often disheartening to watch.

God-honoring Friendships are a true gift from God but when a "frenemy" is in your midst, be careful, not everyone has your best interest in mind. Trust is broken and strife is not far away. For example have you ever shared a secret with someone you trusted as a friend in confidence and they deliberately shared it with someone else?

I understand that there are situations when someone will need to share personal things with others for one’s safety and well-being, but I am referring to sharing your goals, desires, dreams, convictions or interest with a friend and it becomes news in your social circles or even social media. When the topic of YOU comes up with people that you never shared personal information with it is quite alarming!

Speaking from experience when this happened several times to me it was as if someone snatched all of my clothes off and ran away with them leaving me indecently exposed. I even shared my thoughts and feelings on how this person exposed me and they would apologize, but only because they were caught, and then continued on with the gossip and further betrayed my confidence.

All the signs were there but I overlooked what GOD’s words said clear as day, that “A gossip betrays a confidence so avoid anyone who talks too much” (Proverbs 20:19) and there was a lot of talking going on. I was naive to believe that this person would not share my personal concerns when all this person did was broadcast their family and other “friends” issues. Who was I to think I was exempt from gossip.

I learned the importance of being a hearer and doer of GOD’s word to avoid toxic bonds. Avoiding gossip is what we are commanded to do and personally I was wrong to even entertain the gossip, also I was wrong for condoning that behavior.

God-honoring Friendships are comprised of love, honesty and trust, true friends embody these characteristics daily. Be aware of gossip and indecent exposure, know your value and your worth in Christ. Also respect other people’s value and their worth in Christ.


GOD I ask that you help me to be a friend that follows your will, word and way. Heavenly father I ask for forgiveness in hurting my friends and I ask for forgiveness for overlooking the betrayal of gossip. LORD help me and lead me to righteous friendships and strengthen me with wisdom to be a great steward over the relationships you have blessed me with. In Jesus name I pray, AMEN.

Scripture Reference:

A gossip betrays a confidence; so avoid anyone who talks too much.

Proverbs 20:19

Peace & God Bless,

Dr. Bryant

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