Elevating from Darkness

Updated: Apr 27, 2019

By Maurice Lamar Williams

A lot of young people are dealing with issues stemming from absent fathers.

It’s a known fact that children who grow up without a father or positive male figure often face challenges that affect/effect them in adverse ways as children and as adults. Moreover, there are many instances where fatherless children become very successful. In cases like these is it safe to assume that the child/children were better off without the father?

Let’s discuss and examine ways to help our children recognize and manage the feelings that may arise as a result of their dad not being around.

First, let’s explore some of the thoughts/feelings of an abandoned child. The mental fortitude of children who have fathers that are living but for whatever reason chose to not be involved in their lives is uncanny. They have to condition their minds to function in an unnatural manner just to feel normal or as important as children with an opposite reality. Research shows that the most common feelings abandoned children express are anger and resentment not only toward the absent father but sometimes the mother as well.

The top 6 ways to support an abandoned child:

1. Pray with them and for them

2. Implement positive male relationships

3. Ascertain their natural talents/gifts

4. Encourage them to pursue their abilities

5. Advocate for their educational success

6. Research/discuss successful people who were also abandoned by their fathers

What are some of your thoughts and opinions?

In the second installment of this topic I will discuss “Behavior’s that stem from child abandonment”.

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