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By: Maurice L. Williams

July 20, 2019

Claire Sulmers, Founder/CEO of Fashion Bomb Daily

Fearless Woman's Retreat

Sag Harbor, New York

"Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak" ~Unknown

Some people are born with the "It" factor, Claire Sulmers is definitely one of those people. She is not only one of the hottest writers/influencers in the game right now, she is also a Harvard graduate versed in African American Studies who speaks French fluently.

After their prayer circle, I had an opportunity to witness Claire in action as she spoke to a room full of beautiful bomb sistahs about her journey to the top. She revealed how being a writer lead into her true passion, fashion. "I started a blog called Fashion Bomb Daily. It was supposed to be a hobby, it was not supposed to become my job. I just started writing about what I love, which is shopping", laughs Claire. Ironically, she has masterfully transitioned the traditional manner in which we view fashion domestically and abroad. With over a million followers Fashion Bomb Daily has become a force to be reckoned with amongst celebrities, influencers and people who have prevailing taste.

Over the last 13 years Claire Sulmers has become a fashion icon and premier go to person when it comes to the latest trends. She has developed an unprecedented celebrity following that includes high profile names from various genres. Her success is not a fluke, she earned her spot as one of the best in the business through resilience, hard work and sacrifice. Her inspiring rise to the upper echelon includes blind faith, rejection from major corporations, and sleeping on a twin size mattress on top of a tub in a friends bathroom in Paris. Claire believes "In life there's a level you get to then you go back to zero, then you catapult, times five". Her compelling story reveals an ingenious visionary who by following her heart turned her dreams into reality.

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