A Real Fox

By Maurice L. Williams

April 13, 2019

Vivica A. Fox


Sistah's in Business Expo "Celebrating Entrepreneurial Women of Color"

Robert Treat Hotel, Newark New Jersey

I have had a crush on Vivica since 1996 when she played the role of Frankie in the classic film "Set it off" where she portrayed a brazen bank robber along side Jada Pinkett-Smith, Queen Latifah and Kimberly Elise. However, it was not until most recently I was afforded the opportunity to fulfill my dreams of actually meeting her in person. Her demeanor surpassed my expectations in every way, especially in regard to how down to earth she is.

Vivica A. Fox is a vibrant modern day renaissance woman with an innate ability to make the people around her feel good about themselves. She exuded a genuinely humble panache as she spoke with members of the media and fans who came to see her at the Sistah's in Business Expo "Celebrating Entrepreneurial Women of Color". Vivica was the keynote speaker of this well orchestrated event where several vendors promoted and sold their products.

After one of her many interviews she stepped on to the red carpet to take pictures with her admirers. I mustered up the courage to ask her to take one with me. She happily agreed, but was abruptly pulled into another interview. I was mortified because I thought everyone in the room saw me get rejected. It was a pleasant surprise when after her handlers said it was time for her to leave, and before doing so, she pointed me out from across the crowded room to come take a picture with her. Vivica remembered me!

Are you a fan of Vivica A. Fox? Why or Why not?

What is your favorite Vivica A. Fox movie?

If you could ask her a question, what would it be?

Please feel free to comment, I am excited to hear what you think!

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