Who We Are

Creed Magazine is a quarterly and digitally interactive faith-based fashion publication new products, insight on current fashion trends, in-depth discussion on Christian dating and relationships, recipes, Christian living and more.

What We Look For 

As an online fashion and lifestyle magazine, Creed aspires to be a platform of expression, innovation, motivation, and spiritual uplifting in all areas of life. We focus on showing our readers that our love for God can be shown in more ways than one without losing our uniqueness. With the nature of our magazine, we are looking for genuine and engaging stories that are related to living faithfully and explore what we 

Submission Guidelines

Our goal is to deliver our readers high-quality content that is relatable, captivating, and vibrant. When you're ready, please submit only the final drafts of your work. Because our editorial team is small, we have little time to edit submissions. Your polished final drafts are a big help in our process! Your written work should be submitted as a Word document (doc. or docx.) or PDF. For images (including headshots), please submit your photos as a PDF. 

Our Sections 

We are looking for submissions about topics such as the latest fashion trends (includes both men and women), using fashion as a tool for self-empowerment, and creating expressive, unique looks for all occasions. If you are a fashion blogger or a personal stylist, we would love submissions from you!

If you have a love for food and want to share it with others, this is the section for you! We are looking for short feature articles that focus on recipes from comfort food to delicious dinner ideas for two or more. In your submission, include step-by-step instructions on how to make your dish. Also, please attach your recipe and high-resolution photos of your food with your submission. 

We are looking for submissions on topics such as Christian dating and relationships, conquering personal struggles in life, parenthood, and other subjects related to Christian living. 


Health and Wellness
If you are a health, wellness, or fitness professional, we would love to have contributions from you. We are looking for thoughtful, informative feature articles that touch on the importance of physical and mental health, advice on working toward health goals, and other related health and wellness subjects.


Power and the Glory
In this section, we are looking for submissions that tell inspirational stories of career success. We would like for the submissions to go in-depth about their journey to success and what they've learned along the way. Entrepreneurs, business owners, and other successful individuals are encouraged to submit their stories to "Power and the Glory."

Fashionably Faithful

We are looking for submissions that show off your unique style to the Creed family! This is a space for everyone to share what they love about their style. And if you have any, it's a great opportunity for you to share your personal advice for shopping and upgrade a person's fashion. Please attach at least one photo with your submission that represents your style.

Pastor's Review

If you're keeping up with the ever-changing trends in worship, we are looking for submissions that offer thoughtful insight into what's happening in our churches today. Church community leaders and individuals heavily involved in their worship community are encouraged to write for this section. 

Information Needed for Submission


When you know what you want to write for Creed, please include the following information and documents with your submission:

• Include your name, address, phone number, email address, and word count
• Double-space your work 
• Please include a short biographical statement to appear at the end of your article
• High quality digital photos for your article are strongly recommended. The images should be large in size with written permission for publishing use.

Word Count for Submissions
  • 1,000-2,500 words for feature articles

  • 500-800 words for short feature articles

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at Contact Us.

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