Creed Magazine is a seasonal faith-based fashion and lifestyle magazine that began its production in January 2018. From comfort food to Jimmy Choos, this is a publication that aligns the mind, body, and soul. Creed aspires to be fun, colorful, and most importantly, encourage growth in all areas of life.

As worshippers of God, sometimes we isolate ourselves and become disconnected with the world around us. While we are here to follow the Lord's teachings and be a part of His Kingdom, we are also here to enjoy our life and blessings to the fullest. 


God has given us so much on this Earth to love and embrace. Our mission at Creed Magazine is show the Christian community that there is more than one way to love the Lord, express your individuality, and live a faithful life! Creed is a space to talk about fashion, Christian dating and relationships, living as a modern-day Christian, self-care, and more.    


Inside Creed, readers will experience different topics that relate to the modern-day Christian.


Here is what you will find in Creed Magazine:


Here, we write about anything that involves fashion! This includes highlighting trending styles among men and women, being fashionable on a budget, and creating discussion on using our fashion to express our faith without losing our individuality. 


Christian Dating and Relationships

Dating and relationships can be tricky! As a Christian, it can be even trickier. Creed's entries are here to get real about dating and relationships! We will talk about everything from the hardest situations in relationships and dating, to best parts of being in love.